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Max-i Association
Max-i Association is a group of companies working together to promote and develop the Max-i fieldbus. Max-i Association manages and publishes the Max-i specification and the Plant Numbering System (PNS) belonging to it, provide technical support to the members, and promote Max-i for example by advertising, press releases, participation on technical fairs, trade shows and exhibitions and by means of this homepage. Max-i Association also publishes an e-mail newsletter and provides the members with a vendor identification code.

Max-i Association is open to vendors, who manufacture - or exhibit well-documented plans to manufacture - hardware and/or software products that integrate Max-i technologies. It is also open to educational institutions and advisors.

Only members of Max-i Association are allowed to make products for sale, which include Max-i technology and/or intellectual properties. However, everybody in entitled to:

  • Download the specification.
  • Use the specification for non-commercial use.
  • Use, install or resell products with Max-i technology designed and manufactured by others.
  • Use Max-i specification and technology as a sub-contractor to a Max-i Association member company.
  • Participate in public events like Max-i workshops.

There are three classes of membership with different entitlements:

Regular Members
This class offers the following nontransferable, nonexclusive rights:

  • Right to make or have made products, which include Max-i technology.
  • Royalty free use of final, approved specifications, intellectual properties of Max-i Association and the Max-i logo.
  • Early access to new versions of the Max-i specification.
  • Participation in interoperability and marketing events.
  • Participation in developer's conferences, working groups and member meetings.
  • Discount on participation fee for public events.
  • Reception of Max-i Association e-mail newsletter for members.
  • Free technical support by e-mail and limited technical support by phone.
  • Free vendor identification code.
  • Free hotlink from to own homepage.

The annual membership fee for regular members is 1000 € (approximately 1090 USD) + VAT multiplied by the cuberoot of the number of employees - for example 7140 € + VAT for a company with 364 employees (cuberoot = 7.14). In this way, the membership fee is approximately doubled (2.154) each time the number of employees gets 10 times bigger and there is no big steps in membership fee when certain limits are exceeded. For non-profit educational institutions, the number of employees is set to 1.

Principal Members
As Regular, but also offers the following nontransferable, nonexclusive rights:

  • A seat on the Max-i Association Board of Directors.
  • Voting right on all specifications and decisions concerning Max-i Association.

The annual fee for principal members is 50,000 € (approximately 54,500 USD) + VAT plus a first year initiation fee of 50,000 € + VAT. Only companies, which have been a regular member for at least one year and has demonstrated their commitment to Max-i, or semiconductor companies that manufacture Max-i chips, can be a principal member. In case a company is owned by a parent company or companies are in any other way affiliated, only one Principal member is allowed from companies in that group, incorporation or establishment.

All fees covers a 12-month period calculated from the 1st of January, April, July or October.

Honorary Member
As the inventor and developer of Max-i, Innovatic is a honorary member with veto right over all decisions and does not pay any membership fees.

How to Join
  • Read the Bylaws of Max-i Association.
  • Contact Max-i Association to hear if there are any changes to the bylaws, which have not yet been published on this page, and get permission to join on the described terms.
  • Download the Application Form , print it in two copies and duly sign both.
  • Send all pages of both copies by mail to Max-i Association - see address on front page.

Upon receipt of your completed documents and the approval of your application, the chairman of Max-i Association will sign both copies and return one to you together with a membership invoice. Your membership and all rights and privileges of membership will not come into force before this invoice has been paid.

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